You can Help us Achieve Our Goals,

From the beginning of Heady Conduct, we committed to pay our creatives which is not the case with many creative companies. We can proudly say we have worked with and nurtured some incredibly talented people producing high quality theatre. With each project we have stuck to budgets and honoured all commitments and contracts, believing amazing creative people should be honoured and paid for their work.  

In order to sustain the high quality of our work and continue to support the artists, we need the continued support of generous people who believe that theatre has the power to change and enrich lives. There are many ways you can help us. Simply by coming to one of our shows, better still you could invite someone to come with you. You can follow us on social media and engage with our content. You can connect us with fellow creative people, organisations, and theatres.

If you are able and willing you can support us financially. Your donation will go towards the rehearsals, production costs or wages of our creatives. You can either email for further details or directly by clicking the PayPal button below.

Thank you so much for your support. 

We were successful in raising our first £5,000 target on our Kickstarter page to launch Heady Conduct Theatre Company. We want to move forward with RECKLESS, further funding will help us with this. We are meeting with producers and other interested parties with the hope of extending the life of RECKLESS beyond it’s first sucessful run at The Rose Playhouse.  Find out what we did here to raise our first target here:

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