All’s Well That Ends Well

at the Minack Theatre

3rd – 7th June

“Good without evil is like light without darkness.”

We each have our own virtues and vices, Bertram and Helena are no different.

A King lies helpless on his death bed as war rages overseas and in Helena’s heart. Recently orphaned, she falls for the one man she can’t have; the son of her adopted family. Duty calls and desire blinds, as Helena vows to heal the King in exchange for a gift – Bertram. When Bertram flees to Florence in defiance, Helena fights for what is fairly hers.

All’s Well That Ends Well is Shakespeare’s upended love story of first loves and forced affection. Heady Conduct brings this classic work to life with their acclaimed originality, mischief and delight.

Heady Conduct will be performing Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well from 3rd to 7th June 2019 at the Minack Theatre. Go to the theatre’s website for more information.


Edward Bijl- Lord Dumaine

Waleed Hammad- Bertram

Eleanor Jackson- Helena

Blake Kubena- Parolles

Maria Lovelady- Diana

David Robinson- The King. 

Simon Rodda- Lavache

Ripeka Templeton- Captain Lafeu

Fiona Tong- Countess


Director- Rebecca Rogers

Assistant Director- Edward Bijl

Producer & Dramaturge- Simon Rodda

Music designer- David Nicholas

Choreography- Maria Lovelady

Singing Arrangement- Eleanor Jackson and Maria Lovelady

Costume Designer – May Clyne

Set Designer & technician- Amy Harris

Company Stage Manager- Charlotte Hall (Bubbles)

Tech Coordinator- Michael Taylor

Image Photography- Amanda Billing

Image Graphic Designer- Harry Bradley

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