The tempter or the tempted, who sins most?”

Act 2, Scene 2. Angelo.

“This production cannot help but be immersive, adding to the riotous atmostphere. The audeince cannot help but respond in kind.”

★★★★ “Innovativeness, energy and spirit succeed in engaging the audience in an evening of laughter and livelineness.

★★★★ “Heady Conduct’s energy, intelligence, and flair for entainment is a delight”

Vienna has fallen into disarray and debauchery after decades of corrupt rule. A chaotic city, full of hot heads and hot beds. Justice has turned a blind eye.

The Duke flees, appointing the cool headed, cold hearted Angelo to make things right. True to his word, Angelo sentences the young lover Claudio to death to send a message and stamp out bawdy behaviour. Hearing of the sentence, Claudio’s sister, Isabella, leaves the nunnery for Angelo’s office. Can Angelo’s autocracy hold steady in the face of the enigmatic Isabella? Purity has never looked so good.

This chaotic, intoxicating, and electrifying play sparks with life. The timeless themes of power, hypocrisy, sex, faith, and justice continue to resonate today.

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