“Shoulders rounded against the storm, he strides along the wind ripped shore, clothes snapping around him like the sails of a storm born ship. He searches, he shouts, but the sea has caught him out once again.”

Act 1, Scene 3, Harbour Master, Reckless

“Young company Heady Conduct make an eye-catching debut with this atmospheric and original piece.”

★★★★ “The play was engrossing from start to finish, and the ending felt almost like a physical blow.”

“With elements of great comedy and great tragedy Reckless felt like a fresh visit to many themes and elements of Greek and Elizabethan theatre…Utterly captivating.”

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An Old Man who lost his love to the sea, brings up his son to fear it, on an island of folk who have been blinded by the past. Perception and reality blur and memories of lost love shape them all. When the unexpected washes up on their shore, time worn secrets begin to emerge.

RECKLESS is an epic story of outrageous love and forbidden joy, exploring the timeless matters of the heart. Inspired by the great works of classical drama and using a mixture of theatrical styles, RECKLESS explores fear, its powerful ability to shape us and the indescribable release when reckless love comes our way.

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