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In 2022, Heady Conduct are hitting the road with Tiresias and The Woman in White.

Actors are often not paid, and we feel it is important to pay and honour a person’s work. By not paying performers, we threaten the sustainability of the individual, diminish their value, and in turn weaken the art form and industry. Your support will continue the growth of Heady Conduct and the company of talented artists.

If you would like to make a donation towards the production and touring costs of our work and support creative artists, please click on the PayPal ‘donate’ button below or contact us directly by emailing

We are very grateful for your support. Thank you.

We were successful in raising our first £5,000 target on our Kickstarter page to launch Heady Conduct Theatre Company. We want to move forward with RECKLESS, further funding will help us with this. We are meeting with producers and other interested parties with the hope of extending the life of RECKLESS beyond it’s first sucessful run at The Rose Playhouse.  Find out what we did here to raise our first target here:

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