“My life has been unnaturally long. I have met with gods, kings, queens. I have seen the future and it stretches long after me, long after you, long after even Zeus himself, but he is too vain to see it.”  

Act 1, Scene 1. Tiresias.

“It’s an utterly spellbinding performance…I highly recommend it.

“The clearly talented company bought a warming, thought-provoking, and imaginative show, which artfully reimagined and rejuvenated classic Greek stories.”

“Simon Rodda excelled in his portrayal of Tiresias with his nuance and subtlety.”

“The show was underscored with a consistently beautiful yet ethereal score underpinning Tiresias’ tragedies.”

Tiresias may be blind, but he has seen more than you or I if we lived six life times.

When Hera rips out his eyes, Zeus grants Tiresias a gift more precious than a thousand burning torches in the darkness — he is given the gift to predict the future.

A forerunner of fortune or a man who is helpless to what he has seen?

The play follows Tiresias’ journey as he lives through renowned Greek myths and legends. Heady Conduct weave together physical storytelling and live music with flair and delight to tell Tiresias’ tale in their potent and intoxicating style.

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