“Are you to break your heart to set his mind at ease? No man under heaven deserves these sacrifices from us women. Men! They are the enemies of our innocence and our peace.”

Marion Halcombe.

“A captivating, enchanting evening, I found myself spellbound by the storyline”

“Full marks to Heady Conduct Theatre for producing the most coherent iteration of this seminal tale”

“This is a company clearly happy to wrestle with challenging source material, and the skills to pull them off”

A uniformly strong cast and imaginative staging

Heady Conduct adapts this sensational classic of secret societies, stolen identities, and a fearless search for justice in their intoxicating style.

In the darkness of a London street, artist Walter Hartright is startled by the touch of a hand. He turns to meet a mysterious, frightened woman, cloaked completely in white.

Walter travels to Cumbria to meet his new student, Laura Fairlie. She is bewitching. She is love at first sight. Intriguingly, she resembles the woman in white.

But the route to love and truth is rarely simple or safe. Betrothed to a man chosen by her late father, Laura is subject to the outrageous lengths men will go to for the sake of honour, power and wealth.

Collins’ classic thriller skillfully addresses the injustice of women’s inequality, causing laws and opinions to be questioned in its time. This gripping adaptation of intrigue, love and betrayal is as vibrant and exciting as when it was first written.



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